What do Other Countries do with Baby Teeth?

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When you lost a baby tooth, you most likely put it below your pillow and rose the next morning to find a few pieces of money in its spot. At least that’s most likely what went down if you grew up in America. Have you heard that other regions also have unique traditions concerning what to do with baby teeth once they’ve fallen out?

While we usually place the tooth underneath our pillows, children in Sweden and Norway place their chompers in a cup of water. (We hope no one accidentally drinks this it! Yikes!) Due to the quiet nature of taking the tooth out from beneath the pillow while the child slumbers, a small mouse does the Tooth Fairy’s job in Italy, France and Belgium. In Scotland, these traditions become one: a white fairy rat uses tokens to buy the chompers from the children. In Greece, Mexico and Turkey, children toss their lost baby teeth onto the roof of their houses after making a wish.

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