Questions About the Tooth Fairy: Answered

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Losing your beautiful baby teeth is a very exciting time in any child’s life and as a tooth fairy, I’m so excited to collect those teeth and answer your questions. I have had so much fun reading your letters and the letters of children from around the world. I would like to answer some questions that I get asked a lot.

What does the Tooth Fairy do with all of the teeth?
I bet you’ve been wondering why I collect children’s teeth, and maybe you’ve come up with a few theories. We tooth fairies are busy building a beautiful, white castle for our beloved queen. Only the best, cleanest teeth can be used for this fancy castle. Teeth that weren’t cleaned as well are ground down and used for paving stones in our stunning kingdom.

Where do you live?
I live with all of the other tooth fairies in our secret kingdom. It is gorgeous there and we all work together to serve the children of the world.

Are there lots of tooth fairies or are you the only one?
There are many tooth fairies just like me. We work together to collect the teeth of children everywhere and to reward them for well-cared-for teeth. Each tooth fairy interacts with children a little differently, which is why I write to the kids I serve and other tooth fairies don’t.

What should I do to have healthy baby teeth?
It is important to brush your teeth every day. Flossing is also so important. If you have trouble, have your mom or dad help you. Also, visit Dr. Jeffrey Erickson often so that he can help you take care of your teeth. Have your parents call Texas Kids Dental at 915-858-6868 to schedule your next appointment with your dentist in El Paso, Texas.