Is Your Child Teething?

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If your child begins teething, it can often be painful and uncomfortable for them. In most cases, teething in children is completely natural and safe, but there are extreme cases where it can lead to worsening symptoms. To ensure your child can safely overcome teething and the discomfort that comes with it, always make sure to check for signs and symptoms that are common with teething.

Typically, a child’s first tooth begins to erupt above their gum line around six months of age. This process is known as teething, which is painful and can cause discomfort in your child. If they are feeling pain, they may have irregular sleeping patterns, additional fussiness, and a loss of appetite. Severe symptoms such as fever, rash, and diarrhea should warrant a call to their pediatrician.

Treatment methods for teething typically revolve around placing cool objects on the gums of your child to help soothe the pain. This can include professional teething rings designed for this very purpose, or common household items such as gauze pads and small spoons can also be used. If you child is old enough, teething tablets can be prescribed to them by their pediatrician.

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