Inquiries Into Teething

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As pediatric dentistry focuses on the oral health care of children, there are several treatments involved to help deal with oral health risks that commonly arise in children, which can include teething. Teething is a condition in which an individual has their teeth breaking above their gum line. When a child’s teeth first erupt above their gum line, pain and discomfort can be felt. Common questions regarding teething are as follows:

What is the significance of teething in children?
If a child is teething, they will need to have their teeth treated properly with the necessary oral health care routines to ensure that no problems or issues arise as their teeth erupt.

How can teething treatments be used to help prevent issues associated with teething?
Through the use of teething treatments, you can lower a child’s risk for pain and discomfort while teething.

What are the common symptoms associated with teething?
If a child is teething, they will often show signs of irritability and fussiness, excessive drooling and problems sleeping. In severe cases, rashes and a fever may develop.

What are my options for teething treatments?
To help ensure a child’s pain levels are minimized, the use of a gauze pad, a small spoon, teething ring or any other cool object that can help gently rub their gums can often be used.

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