Combatting the Effects of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

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Did you know that baby bottles can negatively affect the oral health of your young child? Although it is important to ensure a child is constantly fed, exercise caution when using various sugary drinks for young children and infants, as they can easily lead to tooth decay and cavities. The reason is often due to the time the substances are exposed to a youngster’s teeth. Here are some helpful reminders to combat the effects of baby bottle tooth decay:

– Keep any baby bottles clean and free of contamination, and never share any pacifiers with your infant until they have also been cleaned.

– Teeth begin to erupt in an infant’s mouth around 5-7 months of age, at which time they need to be cared for and cleaned daily.

– When brushing a young child’s teeth, use a toothpaste dab roughly the size of a rice grain.

–  Avoid sugary drinks in baby bottles, such as sugar water, honey water, soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, and juice, as these can all contribute to baby bottle tooth decay.

– Never coat the top of a baby bottle in honey or other sugary substances.

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