Childhood Dental Care

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The link between your oral health and its impact on your overall general health is important knowledge for you to teach your child. When it comes to protecting your child’s oral health, there are a few things you should know.

Many children will need help to understand just how their oral health impacts the rest of the body. Children are just as vulnerable to tooth decay as adults. However, the impact of tooth decay is much different on children. The pain of having a cavity can cause a child to avoid chewing properly, and therefore not absorbing the proper nutrition from the food. This can lead to the child losing weight. You should help your child brush and floss to help them avoid cavities. A good rule of thumb is to help your children clean their teeth until they are old enough to tie their shoes.

Another important thing to consider is monitoring your child’s diet and avoid giving them too much candy or soda. This will avoid exposing their teeth to possible cavities. These are good practices that if you instill in them as children, they will most likely continue as they get older.

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