Breastfeeding is Fantastic for Your Little One’s Dental Health

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Have you heard how great breastfeeding can be for your child’s health? The nutrients in breast milk naturally help your baby fight disease and even reduce long-term health risks such as asthma, ear infections, SIDS and obesity. It is even correlated with your own health! Breastfeeding is associated with lower chances of breast or ovarian cancer. But here’s something particularly fascinating to us at Texas Kids Dental: how breastfeeding improves your child’s dental health.

Your baby is actually born with their all of their primary teeth. They are just hidden beneath the gumline.

Recent studies have reported that babies that were breastfed exclusively for the first six months of their life were less likely to have teeth alignment issues than other babies. There are other matters that factor into healthy bites as well, like pacifier use, thumb sucking or genetics; but it helps to know that breastfeeding is such a powerful influence.

Breast milk can also diminish the chance of baby bottle tooth decay. This condition is created because of the inclination for parents to give sugary drinks, milk or formula before bed. The bottle often stays in their mouth and affects the state of their teeth while asleep. Your baby can still get cavities from breastfeeding, but the chances are much reduced.

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